ThinkingPlain is committed to excellence in,

- Product development
- Custom software development
- Web application development, hosting, SEO
- Mobile apps development.

Products and Websites:

  • Mashed Datatoes, a web based visualization tool for Neo4j Graph database. It is among the first of its kind for bar charts, pie charts like visualization on a graph database. It is useful for data analysts and scientists.

  • GoMarathi, an eLearning web site to learn Marathi language from English. Easy navigation, Rich content and Inline translations. From basic to expert level, a crash course in Marathi language.

  • Matoshree Farm House, a web site designed, developed and hosted (with SEO) for M/s Matoshree Farm House.

In ThinkingPlain, you’ll find a trusted partner with whom you can think, conceptualize and realize.